Turn a March into a Movement | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Turn a March into a Movement

As inspiring as the Women's March was, to make a real difference for what we believe we must now act. The March was just the beginning of the movement to hold our elected leaders accountable. At Brady, we're committed to fighting every day to end the epidemic of gun violence in America.

We've proved we have the passion, the momentum and the truth on our side. Now that we've made our voices heard, it's time to turn our anger into action. With your support we can make this the safer nation we all want and deserve.

Are you with us? Here are two simple things you can do to keep the momentum going:

  1. Text "MARCH" to 877-877. We'll stay in touch with critical actions you can take in the weeks and months to come.
  2. Use the form below and donate to Brady. We're up against a well-funded opponent -- the corporate lobby. We're smarter and more motivated than they are. But the fight takes resources, so we need your generous support now more than ever.