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United States v. Castleman

In 2001, plaintiff James A. Castleman was charged with, and pled guilty to, charges of misdemeanor domestic abuse towards the mother of his child. A few years later, federal agents discovered Castleman was illegally trafficking and possessing firearms. He was indicted on multiple charges, including violation of the Lautenberg Amendment (which prohibits convicted domestic abusers from possessing firearms) due to his prior conviction for misdemeanor domestic abuse.

Voisine v. United States

Voisine v. United States involved a challenge to the federal law that prohibits individuals convicted of misdemeanor assault or domestic violence from owning guns. In Voisine, two men previously convicted under Maine law for misdemeanor domestic violence – one hit his girlfriend while drunk and the other pushed his wife into a wall – were arrested and convicted of unlawful gun possession. Police had arrested one of the men for shooting a bald eagle, and the other for owning six guns, which were discovered as part of a drug investigation.

Peruta v. County of San Diego

Peruta v. County of San Diego was a challenge to San Diego County's permitting system for concealed carry of weapons (CCW). California state law prohibits the open carry of loaded firearms, but allows for concealed carry with a permit issued by local law enforcement to applicants who meet certain basic requirements, such as passing a background check and demonstrating a "good cause" for carrying guns in public. "Good cause" reasons may include personal protection related to individual business or occupations.

HR 1181 Endangers Veterans and our Country

Act now to prevent the Senate from allowing veterans who may be a danger to themselves or others to access guns! It's as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Fill out the form on this page.
  2. Answer the call that you receive. It will be from the Senate switchboard and will connect you directly to your Senator.
  3. When you get that call, tell your Senator that you live in their state and that you do not want those who may be a danger to themselves or others to access guns. Ask them to vote NO on bill HR 1181.
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The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence announced the four questions about gun violence Judge Neil Gorsuch must be able to answer during his confirmation process for the post of U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
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Later today, the House will vote on a bill that would allow at-risk former military service members who are currently prohibited from buying guns because they are deemed "mentally incompetent" by the Department of Veterans Affairs to once again buy and possess guns.
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A busted Virginia gun trafficking ring and Maryland gun dealer robbery this week demonstrate how crime guns recovered in cities like Chicago and New York get their start.
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Together with their spouses, New Hope Police Officers Beau Schoenhard and Joshua Eernisse today brought suit against Full Metal Gun Shop and its owner Troy Buchholz. The lawsuit alleges that the gun dealer negligently sold a firearm in a straw purchase that was then used by a prohibited, dangerous person in an attack in New Hope’s City Hall. The lawsuit is the first of its kind filed in Minnesota.