CA Schools Can Do More to Protect Students from Gun Violence! | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

CA Schools Can Do More to Protect Students from Gun Violence!

Attention: Teachers, Parents, PTA, Principals, and School Superintendents!

The California Brady Campaign Chapters have launched a Safe Storage Saves Lives! campaign

SCHOOL OFFICIALS can help protect students from accidental and/or intentional shootings by reminding gun-owning parents they have a responsibility to safely store their firearms. There have been many instances of children bringing guns to school in California. Often the child has obtained the weapon from his/her home. It is the responsibility of school officials and parents to do everything possible to keep children safe at school. And, by law, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their firearms are safely and securely stored.

Teen dating violence and bullying can become deadly when a gun is involved. You can't count on children and teens to stay away from guns, so you have to keep guns away from them. By California law, parents are responsible for safely storing any firearms and ammunition in the home and keeping them away from children.

Safe storage can save a child’s life! Superintendents and Principals in some California schools have started sending home a memo to help educate gun-owning parents and relatives regarding California laws requiring the safe storage of firearms. Parents, teachers and PTA members can ask their Principals and Superintendents to do likewise and send home a memo to all of the parents in the school or district. Sample memos in (English and Spanish) can be downloaded below.

No one should have to worry about getting shot at school. Working together, we can make sure our schools provide a safe and violence-free environment for our kids.