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2 years ago Chris Hurst lost his fiance Alison Parker when she was shot & killed during a live broadcast. Now, as a…
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A 24-year old woman expecting her first child was shot & killed by a stray bullet at a popular spot where police sa…
Brady is proud to join the NY Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Coalition in working to pass life-saving legisla…
In 2017 a record breaking 7,841 guns were stolen from licensed firearms dealers. ->
The rate of gun violence in Baltimore is climbing and the stories are tragic. One school has seen 7 students killed…
A 13-yr old was unintentionally shot and wounded by his older brother ->
RT : 72 guns were stolen from cars in the St. Augustine area of Florida last year. All but six were taken from cars that…
It's now illegal in New Jersey to sell or posses a "bump stock" -->
RT : A San Antonio man was arrested for threatening to commit a mass shooting at Sunday’s Steelers-Jaguars game.…

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Over 30 years ago, I started donating to the Brady. I needed to do something to stop innocent victims from being shot every year. I never thought that my life would be impacted by gun violence, but 17 years ago, my daughter, Laura, was killed in a mass shooting.

Gun violence in the workplace is all too common in our country. Indeed, there were 354 gun homicides at American workplaces in 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That's about seven gun homicides in the workplace per week. We know that you want Amazon employees to be safe from gun violence. Brady urges you to consider the strength of local and state gun laws as you choose a location for your second corporate headquarters.

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Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to send a dangerous bill on guns, known as concealed carry reciprocity, to the House floor, where it could be voted on at any time. The Committee's vote was on party lines. In finalizing the bill, the Committee rejected proposed amendments which included measures to establish a minimum age to carry concealed guns, protect state laws that prohibit carrying concealed guns in bars, and require background checks for all gun sales.

Our Goal is to Cut Gun Deaths in Half by 2025

Here's How:

Holding elected officials accountable, making this the safer nation we all want

Of the 33,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?