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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Bump Stock Manufacturers & Retailers

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CA Governor Brown signed AB 7 to expand the restriction on open carry laws to cover long guns. -->
This wknd's Healing Corner in Chicago honored the memory of chapter president Delphine's son Tyler on what would ha…
We're committed to making sure the ATF is monitoring the gun industry to help keep America safe from gun violence -…
Delphine & Millie know what it's like to have a child killed by gun violence. They need your help to keep kids safe…
These are life saving policies that majority of Americans believe in, no matter their political party ->…
"I don't believe universal background checks for all gun sales violates anyone's rights" - avid hunter takes on
. once again gets it wrong when it comes to Chicago . ->
"Why shouldn’t the gun industry be liable 4 damage done by its products, just like anybody else?" IT SHOULD
. opposes bill to ban bump stocks after earlier expressing support for bump stock regulation–>
518,670 names have been removed from the background check database for obtaining a gun. What effect has that had? –

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I was hired to take on what I was told was "the most destructive force in America"– the NRA and the corporate gun lobby. (Jim Brady called it "the Evil Empire.") Was that hyperbole?

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Our Goal is to Cut Gun Deaths in Half by 2025

Here's How:

Holding elected officials accountable, making this the safer nation we all want

Of the 33,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?

  • Honor the Las Vegas victims and survivors - sign the card

    Honor Las Vegas Victims & Survivors

    Say #ENOUGH to gun violence

    Sign this card and add a message of support for the people of Las Vegas.

  • Access to guns increases deaths by suicide

    Americans In Crisis

    Every day in America, 93 people die from gun violence. Fifty-eight of those deaths, or nearly two-thirds, are suicides with guns.


  • Shooting Costs - GOP Healthcare plan would shift costs to taxpayers and gun violence victims

    Brady Healthcare Report

    Surviving a gunshot wound should not leave you uninsured or bankrupt