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Turn Your Outrage Into Action

In the aftermath of a mass shooting like the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on February 14th, it's crucial to ask questions to find out what went wrong, how the shooting might have been prevented, and how to prevent another shooting like it in the future.

Keep reading to learn more about the "Brady Three Point Plan" focusing on an assault weapon ban, universal background checks on gun sales, and "extreme risk" laws to remove guns from people in crisis.

Bradys 3 point plan to reduce gun violence

Brady background checks on all guns sales

Whereas this shooter appears to have legally obtained the primary weapon he used, many others obtain their guns illegally at a gun show, from a gun trafficker or straw purchaser, or through the Internet where private sellers do not have to complete a Brady background check. Over 90% of all Americans support expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales, so it is unconscionable that Congress has not taken this action already.

We recommend the completion of a Brady Background check on every gun sold. Those convicted of gun crimes, assault, or domestic violence should no longer be able to purchase guns without passing a background check in any state, no loopholes and no exceptions. Guns should not be sold if a background check is still pending. While some states have expanded their background checks, approximately half of the population still lives in states without these common-sense laws. Dangerous exceptions to the system that allow private sales to take place without conducting a background check at gun shows or via online sites put all Americans at risk.

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Pass assault weapons & high capacity magazines bans

Shooters in the recent deadly mass shootings like Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Aurora, and Sandy Hook have all used assault weapons and high capacity magazines to massacre people. Today you can buy an AR-15 style rifle in as little as 25 minutes.

Weapons of war belong in military and police forces, not in our schools and churches.

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Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order laws

The shooter exhibited several warning signs prior to the incident. Classmates discussed that he could become a school shooter, and the FBI's Miami Division investigated after he made an online comment that said "I am going to be a professional school shooter." It's been reported that over the past few years, the Broward County Sheriff's Office received about 20 calls about the shooter, but was not empowered to take further action under existing authorities. An ERPO law would allow family members and law enforcement to seek court permission to temporarily remove guns from a person in crisis empower families, communities, and law enforcement to help keep guns out of the hands of those at risk of injuring themselves or others and prohibit him from purchasing any others while his behavior could be evaluated and he could access treatment.

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