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Tony and Danny Bennett and Brady Campaign Mobilizing Americans With "Voices Against Violence" Initiative

Launches Text-to-Call Campaign For Senate Debate; Alec Baldwin, Gloria Estefan, Josh Groban, Romeo Santos Among Celebrities Encouraging Fans on Twitter to Support

Apr 12, 2013

Washington, DC –The next week is critical in the campaign to pass meaningful gun violence legislation.  The historic vote to allow this debate to happen was successful in large part because of the strong and consistent public support voiced by millions of Americans.  VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE (VAV) in partnership with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence today launched a new text-to-call campaign to give Americans another way to make their voice heard on Capitol Hill.

The goal of the text-to-call campaign is to deliver tens of thousands of calls to key senate offices, by making it easy for people who care about gun violence to call their Senators.Text "MYVOICE" to 877877.  Once you text, you get a call back with quick instructions and you're connected directly to a Senate office.  17-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett is the voice of the recorded message.

VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE (VAV) is a new grassroots campaign established by Tony Bennett, his son Danny and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to become a platform for the overwhelming majority of Americans who support common sense gun laws that keep our communities and our children safe.This growing campaign is harnessing cutting edge creativity, technology and insight to engage and empower the American public.  The campaign was founded to allow the voices of all Americans to be heard in the political process and to encourage everyone to take real responsibility for the safety of our homes, schools and communities.  Thousands of calls generated by this unique texting technology have already been logged in to Congress within the first few hours of the launch Thursday evening.  Celebrities have joined Tony Bennett by posting that they texted to MY VOICE as well as encouraging their fans to do the same.  

Among the celebrities supporting the effort thus far include Gloria Estefan, Josh Groban, Alec Baldwin,  k.d. lang, Rosie O'Donnell, Mia Farrow, Alejandro Sanz and Maria Cuomo Cole.

The text-to-call effort is being driven by a significant social media effort, including the support of several high profile partners and a number of artists and celebrities. The campaign will continue throughout the Senate debate and will spearhead the “call to action” outreach to the public through social media networks, micro-blogging sites, TV appearances on major talk shows, and engage the artistic community to tweet to their followers to the text call to action. 

"Although an overwhelming majority of Americans support increased gun safety, the calls flooding Congress are coming in disproportionately and we are allowing a small minority to dictate the agenda on gun safety laws, and it’s time to fight back.  Tony and my efforts, through the text-to-call campaign is our initial attempt to reset that balance so the voices impacting Congress accurately reflect the wishes of the American public,” said Danny Bennett, founder of VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE.

“I have absolutely no doubt that what is happening now in Washington, DC is because the American people have made ithappen. They refused to sit by and watch as gun violence continues to ravage our nation. Now we need to keep up the pressure and turn up the heat.  This is a critical time because we are almost there in the Senate, and it is going to be the voice of the American public that will make the difference,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign.

This text-to-call program is only the beginning and exciting initiatives planned by VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE will be announced in the coming weeks.  Stay informed at:


#myvoice About Tony Bennett:  Multiple Grammy and Emmy winning performing legend Tony Bennett has dedicated as much time humanitarian efforts as he has to his artistry over his 60?plus career.  Having marched in Selma in 1965 with Dr. King he has supported countless charitable and humanitarian causes and was honored by the United Nations in 2007.  Tony Bennett has committed his time and talents to supporting gun safety.

About Danny Bennett:  As the son and manager of Tony Bennett, Danny has been credited with implementing a management and promotional strategy that has brought his father’s career to unprecedented heights.  His company, RPM Music Productions, specializes in strategic entertainment marketing to create Emmy award winning TV as well as film production and distribution. Danny has supported many philanthropic endeavors and is a long-time advocate of gun control.

About Dan Gross/The Brady Center:  Dan Gross is the President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and its sister organization, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Dan came to issue as a victim after his brother was shot in an attack on the observation deck of Empire State Building. He resigned his job as partner at J. Walter Thompson to dedicate his life to the prevention of gun violence. Dan has since become one of the foremost leaders in the gun violence prevention movement having co-founded and directed the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (formerly PAX) prior to his present position.



The Brady Campaign is the nation's largest citizens' lobby to prevent gun violence. We represent the voice of the overwhelming majority of Americans who are tired of living with the constant tragedy of gun violence and are in favor of strong laws and policies that will save lives. We are the light that exposes politicians who are putting the American people at risk, empowering the American people to hold them accountable for decisions and actions that undermine public safety.

We are driven by the focused vision of a nation where all Americans are safe at home, at work, at school, and in our communities.

Dan Gross is the President of the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. A photo and more information about Dan Gross is available here.

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