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The Truth About Gun Dealers in America

Every day in cities across America, lives are damaged and cut short by gun violence. Every evening, the local news reports how a young child, innocent bystander, or law enforcement officer was injured or killed due to gunfire. Murders and other violent crimes take an immense toll on our communities as guns are used in hundreds of thousands of crimes each year, from incidences of domestic violence to armed robberies.

Often the crime is committed by a dangerous person who cannot legally purchase or possess a firearm. Only rarely does anyone ask how these dangerous people are able to get guns they cannot legally buy. The answer is strikingly simple: “bad apple” gun dealers. “Bad apple” gun dealers 5% of federally licensed gun sellers that are the source of 90% of the guns used in crimes (“crime guns”). Gun crime in America is a problem caused almost entirely by a few “bad apple” gun dealers.

The goal of the Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers Campaign is to reform or shut down 50% of the few thousand “bad apple” gun dealers that supply virtually the entire criminal market, thereby having a major impact on the number of crime guns flowing into our communities and onto our streets.

Together, we can save countless lives by stopping “bad apple” gun dealers.

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