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Tell Congress to Stop this Dangerous Bill Now

Fill out the form on this page to call your member of Congress and tell them to vote NO on the SHARE act. The SHARE Act would:

  • Allow concealed carry of hidden, loaded handguns in more than 400 Army Corps of Engineers-operated sites in 43 states - regardless of law in that state.
  • Direct the Bureau of Land Management to promote hunting and shooting on public lands.
  • Loosen federal law & preempt state laws on the transport of firearms & ammunition across state lines.
  • Eliminate ATF authority to deem certain ammunition as "armor-piercing".
  • Roll back current federal ATF rules that limit importation of certain types of assault-style rifles and "armor-piercing" ammunition.
  • Restrict ATF from classifying certain types of shotguns, large shotgun shells & large-caliber rifles as "destructive devices" and therefore not subject to federal regulation.
  • Create a private right of action for individuals to sue law enforcement officers and agencies that inquire about carrying of guns.

Suggested Script for Call:

Hi, I am (name), and I live in (city where you live). I strongly urge you to vote NO on HR 3668 - the SHARE Act - when it comes up for a vote as soon as this week. This act is dangerous because it handcuffs law enforcement, rolls back effective laws on gun silencers, makes it easier to access armor-piercing bullets, and undermines states' rights. Please vote NO on HR 3668, the SHARE Act. Thank you!

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