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Make a call

Find your member:

Call: 1-888-920-8078

By using this toll-free number, you will be connected directly to the U.S. Capitol Switchboard. Simply ask for your Member’s office.

Why it is Important to Call Your Member of Congress:

Calling your member of Congress is an important tool to create momentum and apply pressure on Congress to support expanding Brady Background Checks.

There are Two Reasons to Call your Member of Congress:

  1. To persuade Congress to Finish the Job and expand Brady Background Checks
  2. To thank elected officials who support background checks and let them know we support them.

Tips on calling your elected officials:

  • Don’t expect to speak to the official— the calls are typically answered by staff and you will not be able to speak to your member of Congress
  • Be sure to tell them where you are from in the district or state—this helps convey that this is an important issue in their district
  • Be specific and concise— you want the member of Congress to support expanding background checks
  • Don’t feel like you need to be an expert—these calls are short and meant to register your support. The offices usually count the calls and report the number to the member weekly, so multiple calls are helpful!

Suggested Talking Points for Persuading Your Member to Support:

  • Expanding Brady background checks to all gun show and online sales has bipartisan support and we urge you to join your colleagues in support as well.
  • Background checks work. Since the Brady law went into effect 20 years ago, it has blocked more than 2 million gun purchases, including sales to felons and domestic abusers.
  • The existing law needs updating because the current background check system covers only about 60 percent of gun sales, leaving the door open for prohibited people to still buy a gun. For example, domestic abusers with restraining orders can still go online and buy guns without going through a background check in most states. This is exactly why background checks need to be expanded to all gun show and online sales.
  • 9 in 10 Americans support expanding background checks to online and gun show sales. This includes over 80% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members.

Suggested Talking Points for Thanking Your Member for Support:

  • Thank you for your support to expand Brady background checks to all gun show and online sales.
  • You and other supporters of the bill are in step with the American public who overwhelmingly supports expanding background checks and keeping guns away from criminals and other dangerous people.
  • We urge you to speak with your colleagues who haven’t offered their support and remind them why it’s important to expand Brady background checks.
  • This year marks 20 years since the effective date of the Brady law. Since then, the background check system has blocked more than 2 million gun purchases to convicted felons, domestic abusers and fugitives.