Starting Your Own Brady Chapter | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Starting Your Own Brady Chapter

Want to make an impact in your community? Starting a Brady Chapter is an easy way to make things happen quickly. By being part of a larger organization you can take advantage of systems and procedures already in place. Some other benefits:

  • Your work will be under the umbrella of one of the oldest and most respected gun violence prevention groups in the country.
  • You don’t need to write the rules - Brady’s already done that.
  • Materials are just a click away. Brady’s reports and analysis are topical and always come with solutions to the problem.

Step 1 Contact Brady’s National Chapter Management & Development Organizing Manager, Shikha Hamilton at She can answer questions and provide all you need to start organizing your local Brady.

Step 2 Attract members who are passionate about ending gun violence in your area. Some cost-effective ways to reach out to your audience include:

  • Reaching out to your network and asking them to spread the word.
  • Connecting with other Brady chapters for tips on how they got started.
  • Hosting an open-house event at a local coffee shop or a happy hour at a busy restaurant.
  • Asking Brady to promote your chapter events on their Mobilize America account.
  • Partnering with other like-minded local organizations (like your PTA, Moms Rising, Optimists Club, etc.).
  • Putting up posters at libraries, coffee shops, and community centers.
  • Reaching out to local newspapers or bloggers and ask for coverage of your events.

(Thanks to for the great recruitment tips!)