We're happy to see California step up and make new handguns sold in the state safer! http://t.co/VB0RRx2SN1
Another tragic weekend in Chicago, that once again illustrates the need for commonsense regulations across the board. http://t.co/lvR2Cq6D7x
Join Sandy and Lonnie as they say #NotOneMore! Text Not One More to 877-877! http://t.co/HpBdqe7DmR
It is disgusting that the corporate gun lobby thinks keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers is a bad thing http://t.co/uRLUU2sRSC
We are honored to work with @MamaRedfield and @PapaRedfield every day. They are inspirations to us all. http://t.co/5lFW7lIbeE
Great look at gun violence in the US from @RawStory --Can anything slow down America’s epidemic of gun violence? http://t.co/gL7xkGdlx3
Us too! RT @CSGV: .@bradybuzz: We look forward to the day where #Congress does the right thing and protects its citizens
We love @Evolve_Us's ad and how it has sparked a conversation on gun safety! #ASKingSavesKids http://t.co/e3nKCaBB6P
We think @RepThomasMassie should focus on the gun violence in his own state and not try to block DC's gun safety laws http://t.co/FMOT2GRi8z
We're in Detroit for Netroots Nation! Let us know if you're here too! #nn14 http://t.co/zejAa5QWPO


Dan Gross, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Dan is one of the foremost leaders in the gun violence prevention movement, having co-founded and directed the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (formerly PAX) after his brother was severely wounded in a shooting at the Empire State Building in February 1997. Since 1998, CPYV has created and implemented innovative public health and safety programs such as the ASKing Saves Kids and SPEAK UP programs. Prior to co-founding and directing the Center to Prevent Youth Violence, Dan was the youngest-ever partner at the JWT advertising agency, managing accounts such as Kodak, Lipton, and Warner Lambert. Dan launched his advertising career at Lintas after earning a B.S. in Psychology, with a minor in economics, with honors, from Tulane University in New Orleans.



Jonathan E. Lowy, Director, Legal Action Project of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Jonathan E. Lowy is the Director of the Legal Action Project at the BradyCenter to Prevent Gun Violence. For over 16 years he has helped reform dangerous gun industry practices through lawsuits on behalf of victims of gun violence, helped defend reasonable gun laws, and challenged gun lobby-backed laws that place Americans at risk. He has helped establish precedent in courts across the country holding irresponsible gun companies accountable for contributing to gun violence by negligently selling or designing guns; establishing that the Second Amendment allows for reasonable gun laws; and striking down gun lobby laws that restrict Americans’ rights and their ability to prevent gun violence. Mr. Lowy discusses firearms issues extensively in the media. He graduated from Harvard College and the University of Virginia School of Law.



Brian Malte, Senior National Policy Director, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brian Malte is the Senior National Policy Director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He has been involved in gun violence prevention for over 18 years. Operating out of the California office, Brian served as the Senior Associate Director for the Western Region and spent more than seven years working closely with allied groups in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Utah in addition to his lobbying duties in the California state capitol. He has a BA in Economics from the University of California-Davis and a graduate degree from the University of San Francisco. Brian has worked with allies to pass important legislation in many states and worked to pass important ballot initiatives to require background checks at gun shows in Oregon and Colorado. Since 2001, Brian has been working nationally with allies to push for stronger state and federal gun laws out of the national office in Washington, DC.


Sandy Phillips, Campaign Manager

Sandy Phillips joined Brady as a Campaign Manager shortly after her 24 year-old-daughter, Jessica, was killed in the Aurora Cinemark Theater massacre in Colorado. Her daughter was shot six times by an AR-15 using modified .223 bullets designed to tear through seats, walls, flesh and bone. During the terror eleven additional people were murdered and 58 people were wounded…many with life altering wounds. The carnage would have been even more devastating if the killer’s 100 round drum hadn’t jammed. The killing spree was over in 90 seconds. Sandy has vowed to do everything she can to curb the violence that stole these precious lives and the lives of over 30 Americans each day.