Regional Leadership Councils | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Regional Leadership Councils

Brady's Regional Leadership Councils serve as advisory boards whose members activate their networks to grow the organization's reach across key regions of the US. These highly galvanized advisers and advocates influence and amplify Brady's programs and public communications to help achieve an impact in gun violence prevention, both regionally and nationally. Members of Brady's Regional Leadership Councils are highly engaged Brady supporters who want to make a difference in reducing gun violence and saving lives.

For more information, please contact Janet Stone, Director of Partnerships at The Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence at

San Francisco

  • Alan Alperin, Credit Suisse (Retired)
  • Jeff Bleich, Dentons - Candidate for California Lt. Governor
  • Doug Camplejohn, LinkedIN
  • Jim Cashel, Forum One
  • Michael Gaines, Gaines Consulting
  • Eric Havian, Constantine Cannon
  • Jason Johnson, August Locks
  • Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors
  • Kira Dahlgren Lancaster, MMB Consulting
  • Ian MacLeod, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
  • Laura Stein, UC Berkeley

Los Angeles

  • Christy Callahan
  • Liza Chasin
  • Bill D'Elia
  • Erin Dunkerly
  • Viveca Paulin & Will Ferrell
  • Joan Whitney Flagg
  • Joan Hill
  • Judy Hofflund
  • Adam McKay
  • Ross Misher
  • Diana & David Skaar
  • Lena Waithe & Alana Mayo

New York

  • Matt Harrigan, Grand Central Tech
  • Patty Horing
  • Nancy Lefkowitz, Tribeca Enterprises
  • Betsy Morgan, Betsy Morgan Designs
  • Katherine Nichols, former CEO, GreenGale Publishing & Niche Media/Council Member, New York State Council on the Arts
  • Josh Solomon
  • Kathleen C. Walsh


  • Vincent Geraghty, Publicis Communications, North America
  • Donna Gutman, NCJW, Chicago Women Take Action
  • Ben Jablow, CareerBuilder
  • Kendra Peterson, Chef/Owner Of Drizzle Kitchen
  • Alicia Pond
  • Gwen G. Solberg
  • Marny Murphy Zimmer, Cook County State's Attorney's Office