Florida, your antics really aren't funny anymore. http://t.co/B6gZGpVoa8
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Terrible tragedy out of South Carolina, where a child died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. http://t.co/W6kKSCE6SL #ASKingSavesKids
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New details show the Boston Marathon bomber got his gun through a private transfer from a heroin dealer. http://t.co/CAt4jGq967
BREAKING NEWS in Pennsylvania where there are reports of a shooting at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. http://t.co/jHvrtvCKKh

Public Health and Safety

Public health education campaigns are critical to inspiring individuals to make safer choices around gun ownership and access. There are 300 million guns in households across America, the majority owned by law-abiding citizens. Yet it is these guns that result in the majority of gun deaths and injuries every year. We must address how we think about the guns in our communities and in our homes.

Other public health issues, such as drinking and driving, and smoking, have shown how public health education campaigns can have a significant impact and positively change social norms around dangerous and risky behavior.

Our “ASK” and “Suicide Proof Your Home” campaigns have demonstrated that we can have a meaningful, quantifiable impact on public attitudes and behaviors by educating the public about the relative risks and benefits of gun ownership in an honest and credible way.

Our “SPEAK UP” campaign and the anonymous 1-866-SPEAK-UP hotline have shown that students are willing to be part of the solution to prevent violence, including gun violence, in their schools and communities when given the opportunity to do so.

Click on the links below to learn more about our public health education campaigns: