In America, when one out of three homes with children has a gun we cannot stress the importance of ASKing enough!
Florida's ruling to prevent doctors from asking about guns in the home is a HUGE step backwards for public safety!
“This is common sense legislation.” YES IT IS! #ProtectAllWomen
RT @CSGV: Dr. Joyce Malcolm now speaking. She teaches at @georgemasonlaw, which receives a $1 million endowment from #NRA. #protectallwomen
RT @sfclem: Joyce Malcolm, who's paid $1M by the @NRA, just implied that women pretend to be frightened to deny men firearms. #misogyny #Pr
RT @agerney: These gun owners oppose NRA efforts to allow stalkers & abusers to keep their guns via @MotherJones #pr
“As a gun owner I don’t want a gun to get in the hands of a criminal or abuser because it makes the rest of us look bad.” #ProtectAllWomen
RT @CSGV: Justice McCaffery now apparently arguing we shouldn't intervene & disarm domestic abusers b/c our jails are too full. #protectall
RT @nnedv: Uniform national standard would help to reduce abusers' access to gun - Senator @SenBlumenthal #protectallwomen