Virginia Continues March Towards Gun Safety with Election of Jennifer Boysko to State Senate | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Virginia Continues March Towards Gun Safety with Election of Jennifer Boysko to State Senate

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Virginia Continues March Towards Gun Safety with Election of Jennifer Boysko to State Senate

Washington, D.C., January 11, 2019 – In another tremendous win for gun safety advocates in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Del. Jennifer Boysko was elected to the State Senate in decisive fashion, succeeding Rep. Jennifer Wexton. The Virginia Executive Committee of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which endorsed Boysko in her campaign, congratulated Sen.-elect Boysko and hailed her victory as another important step towards combating gun safety in the state.

Northern Virginia Brady chapter president and Brady board member Martina Leinz stated,

“Jennifer Boysko’s election doesn’t only mean that the Virginia State Senate is gaining a resolute and experienced legislator - it also means that we will have another strong gun violence prevention champion representing our communities in Richmond. The past few years have seen clear momentum towards gun safety in our state, and we are proud to work with dedicated public champions like Sen. Boysko in our fight. The gun lobby might have their headquarters in Virginia, but they’ll quickly find that their outdated views no longer have a home here.”

Sen.-elect Boysko’s victory comes on the heels of a historic midterm election in Virginia, with Brady-endorsed Reps. Elaine Luria, Abigail Spanberger, and Jennifer Wexton replacing NRA A-rated members of Congress. Additionally, Gov. Ralph Northam recently unveiled legislation aimed at improving gun safety laws in the state, including universal background checks on gun sales, a ban on assault weapons, enacting extreme risk protection orders, limiting gun buyers to one handgun purchase per month, and increasing the penalty for leaving unsecured guns near children.

During the 2017 elections, gun safety proved to be a top issue for Virginia voters as they elected Gov. Northam and a number of pro-gun violence prevention members of the House of Delegates to office. With the entirety of the State Senate up for election in 2019, voters will again have a strong opportunity to make their voices heard and ensure lasting change in the years to come.


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