Oregon Legislature Sends Expanding Life-Saving Brady Background Checks to the Governor | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Oregon Legislature Sends Expanding Life-Saving Brady Background Checks to the Governor

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Oregon Legislature Sends Bill Expanding Life-Saving Brady Background Checks to the Governor

Washington, DC – Oregon continues to move forward legislation to expand life-saving Brady background checks to all gun sales, including online purchases, after the Oregon State House passed SB 941 by a vote of 33 to 28. Currently in Oregon, firearm background checks are only required on guns sold by licensed dealers or at gun shows. The bill now goes to Governor Kate Brown, who has five days to sign or veto the bill once it reaches her desk. If Gov. Brown signs this legislation, Oregon will become the eighth state to require Brady background checks on all sales and the sixth since 2013.

“Oregon is on the verge of making historic progress in the name of public safety, by passing legislation to close the deadly loophole that allows criminals and other dangerous people to buy guns over the Internet without background checks,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign. “Brady background checks on all gun purchases are supported by 87 percent of Oregonians and, make no mistake, this legislation will save lives. We urge Governor Brown to sign it immediately and make Oregon the sixth state in the last two years to protect its residents and visitors by expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales.”

The Brady Campaign recently released a report highlighting the success of the Brady Law, while making the case for why Oregon needs to expand Brady background checks to all gun sales. The report shows that Brady background checks work, and that expanding them in Oregon will save lives. In 2013, Brady background checks blocked 2,215 prohibited sales in Oregon; an average of six every day.

The report also calls attention to the ever-increasing problem of criminals using online sales to evade federal and state laws to buy guns without a Brady background check that would have blocked the sale. Online marketplaces, such as Armslist.com, post upwards of 70,000 advertisements at any given time – many of which don’t require a Brady background check. A search of gun sales on Armslist.com in Oregon on April 13, 2015 resulted in 1,756 unlicensed seller-to-buyers advertisements that are not subject to Brady background checks.

States with expanded Brady background checks see 46 percent fewer women murdered with guns by intimate partners; 48 percent fewer law enforcement officers killed by guns; and 48 percent fewer gun-related suicides, according to a recent report by Everytown for Gun Safety.

Several states have closed the gaping loopholes which allow criminals and dangerous people to purchase guns without background checks at gun shows and online. Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, five states – Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, and Washington – have acted where Congress failed to expand background checks on gun sales.


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