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New Data Shows Brady Law Blocked 2.4 Million Gun Sales to Dangerous People



December 9, 2014

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New Data Shows Brady Law Blocked 2.4 Million Gun Sales to Dangerous People

Washington, DC—Brady background checks on gun purchases have blocked 2.4 million sales to dangerous people since the inception of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, according to data released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This data includes an additional 352,000 gun sales blocked to criminals, felons, domestic abusers, fugitives, and others since 2010, according to the report.

“Brady background checks save lives. Brady estimates that they have blocked some 358 purchases every day to dangerous people,” said Brian Malte, Senior National Policy Director, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “Unfortunately, in the majority of states, criminals and other people not allowed to own or buy guns legally are still able to avoid background checks by making purchases online or at gun shows.”

“Last week in West Virginia, an ex-convict was able to buy a gun on Facebook which he used to kill four people and himself. Clearly, there is more work to be done to close the loopholes that allow dangerous people to easily get guns,” added Malte. “Congress needs to finish the job on background checks and expand the Brady law to cover all online and gun show sales.”

“This week, as we pause to remember those lost at Sandy Hook, and the 88 victims killed every day by gun violence, we are looking to Congress to listen to the American people and pass commonsense legislation,” added Malte.

Over 90 percent of Americans, including 92 percent of gun owners, support requiring background checks on all gun purchases, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released in July, 2014. The poll also showed 86 percent of Republicans support background checks.

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