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Brady Campaign Statement on Atlanta-Area Shooting Spree

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Brady Campaign Statement on Atlanta-Area Shooting Spree

Washington, D.C., January 25, 2019 - With at least four dead and another critically injured, police in the Atlanta area are currently undergoing a manhunt for a suspected shooter in the area. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released the following statement, expressing outrage at yet another mass shooting in America.

Kris Brown, president of the Brady Campaign, stated,

“In 2018, there were 340 mass shootings in the United States. 25 days into 2019, there have already been 21. Each one is just as devastating as the last, no matter if they take place at a school, a church, an office, or in a neighborhood shooting spree. And while the four individuals killed and one injured in this spree may have been targeted in separate shootings, it is certainly a mass shooting all the same. We can’t pick and choose which mass shootings get the public’s notice - if we want to end gun violence in America, we need to honor and equally value each and every victim. We must also understand that on average, 96 people are shot and killed every day in communities all across this country. Gun violence has shortened the life expectancy of Americans by nearly 2.5 years, and that of black Americans by more than 4 years.

“If we want to properly honor these victims, we need to know how the shooter secured his guns. While law enforcement’s focus must be on bringing the suspect to justice before anyone else is harmed, we implore them to fully investigate how he obtained his firearms after he has been safely apprehended. No community should have to face this sort of terror in their own backyards, and we must take steps to ensure that dangerous people are no longer able to obtain deadly weapons.”

While a suspect has been identified by local police, a recent joint investigation by BuzzFeed News and The Trace revealed how many shootings in the U.S. go unsolved. The odds of a shooting case being solved when the victim is a person of color is particularly low, as “When a black or Hispanic person is fatally shot, the likelihood that local detectives will catch the culprit is 35% — 18 percentage points fewer than when the victim is white.”


The mission of the Brady organization and its Million Mom March is to create a safer America by cutting gun deaths in half by 2025. For more insight on gun violence prevention, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BradyBuzz.

About Us: The Brady Campaign and Center, united with the Million Mom March, is a national network of over 90 grassroots chapter affiliates mobilized to prevent gun violence at the community level. The network has played a vital role in expanding Brady background checks in the six states that have passed legislation since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and produced one of the largest national protests of gun violence in U.S. history - The Million Mom March, Mother's Day 2000.