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On tape: traffickers mock, celebrate weak gun laws: "In Virginia, our laws are so little, I can give guns away."

Report: 5% of all gun dealers sell 90% of crime guns recovered on city streets

WASHINGTON - A busted Virginia gun trafficking ring and Maryland gun dealer robbery this week demonstrate how crime guns recovered in cities like Chicago and New York get their start. The back-to-back incidents underscore the need for states and dealers to step up their game - and for federal agencies to shut down the 'bad apple' dealers who skirt or break the law.

Investigators recovered 217 guns from the Richmond-based trafficking ring, which relied on straw purchasers to buy the guns in bulk and get them to New York City for resale on the streets.

Wednesday night's robbery of a Rockville, Maryland, gun store remains under investigation; multiple handguns and long guns are missing.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has successfully sued gun dealers in the past for failing to stop straw purchases and selling guns to people they shouldn't.

Brady president Dan Gross said, "Most gun dealers are responsible business owners. But these two cases alone show how easily crime guns can make their way to the streets. Bottom line - just five percent of gun dealers are responsible for supplying 90 percent of the crime guns recovered on city streets nationwide. These 'bad apple' gun dealers either don't take the necessary steps to protect their inventory or flat-out sell guns to people they shouldn't. And these guns end up tearing communities apart in cities and towns across the country."

One Richmond, Virginia, trafficker was caught on tape during a law enforcement investigation, “There's no limit to how many guns I can go buy from the store...I can go get 20 guns from the store tomorrow. I can do that Monday through Friday...They might start looking at me, but in Virginia, our laws are so little, I can give guns away.”

There are no reports that either gun dealer has been charged or accused of any wrongdoing.

The Brady Campaign has led the charge to keep guns out of dangerous hands before they leave the dealer by setting new standards and working with law enforcement to reform or shut down the "bad apple" gun dealers who routinely jeopardize public safety.


The mission of the Brady organization and its Million Mom March is to create a safer America by cutting gun deaths in half by 2025. For more insight on gun violence prevention, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BradyBuzz.

About Us: The Brady Campaign and Center, united with the Million Mom March, is a national network of over 90 grassroots chapter affiliates mobilized to prevent gun violence at the community level. The network has played a vital role in expanding Brady background checks in the six states that have passed legislation since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and produced the largest national protest of gun violence in U.S. history - The Million Mom March, Mother's Day 2000.