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Personal Stories

To read and submit personal stories of gun violence and suicide, please visit the SayEnough website.

"Cayman was a really, really happy kid. He wasn't being bullied at school. He had no real girl problems. He had a happy family. There were absolutely no warning signs. He got an email about a homework assignment and probably 20 to 30 minutes later, my 13-year-old son took his life with a gun I hadn't thought about in years." -Farid, Cayman's father


"When I arrived home from work that day, I found her in that big backyard. She looked like a pile of rags, she was wearing one shoe, her favorite jeans, and an old sweater. I remember the stillness and the smell of the blood. I called 911, but I knew it was too late. When they told me she had shot herself I could not believe it, there had to be a mistake. She did not how to use a gun, it was locked away.” - Denise, Emily's mother

Emily, 21

"People have told us that if Arlyn had not taken the gun, she could have killed herself another way. That’s possible. It’s also possible that the delay as she looked for another way would have given her mind time to move out of the suicidal trance she was in at the moment. That lost opportunity took away our chance to help and save her.” - Karyl, Arlyn's mother



Arlyn, 18

“I was at work that spring morning in April 2012 when the Baltimore County, MD police officer called me to say there had been an ‘acc—er, incident’ involving my 25-year-old son Peter. The officer said ‘Why would he do this?’ ‘Do what?’ I replied. ‘Shoot himself.” - Dorothy, Peter's mother

Peter, 25


The Suicide-Proof Your Home Campaign educates parents about the importance of limiting access to the most common methods of suicide in order to reduce the risk of youth suicide. Suicide-Proof Your Home provides parents with practical steps they can take, such as disposing of or locking up firearms and medications. To learn more please visit

The National Physicians Alliance and The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence's Public Health and Safety discuss the link between suicide and guns. Nearly two-thirds of all gun deaths are from suicide. Listen to the webinar here. 

To learn more, download the brochure and poster here:


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