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Changing Laws

Millions of guns are sold every year with “no questions asked” transactions. Only 60 percent of all gun sales are conducted with a background check. Today, eight states have background checks across all gun sales. Every day, 89 people die from gun violence. Policies such as expanding background checks to cover all gun sales would help keep guns out of the hands of criminals, felons, domestic abusers, and other illegal purchasers. Background checks are supported by 90 percent of Americans, including the vast majority of gun owners, because they make us all safer. Since 1994, the Brady law has blocked over 3 million prohibited purchases. But that’s only the beginning. With your help we can cut gun deaths in half by 2025.

Since the Brady bill was passed in 1994, it has blocked over 3 million prohibited purchasers. However, background checks only cover 60% of gun sales. To learn more, visit our campaign page here.

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Since the Brady law was passed 20 years ago, background checks have stopped more than 2.4 million gun purchases by people like felons, domestic abusers and fugitives. Make a donation today and help us Finish the Job!


Since Brady Background Checks have come into effect over 2.4 million dangerous individuals have been blocked from getting their hands on guns. Please join with your community to expand background checks on all gun sales.