The Brady Report - Summer 2016 | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

The Brady Report - Summer 2016

In this issue of The Brady Report, you’ll see many opportunities to help realize our shared dream of a safer America. This year marks ASK Day’s 10th anniversary, and we expect more parents than ever before to commit to asking this very simple yet lifesaving question on June 21: “Is there a gun in the home where my child is playing?” Additionally, citizens in Nevada and Maine vote this November on expanding Brady background checks, with a chance to make their communities and neighboring states safer for millions. The Legal Action Project is involved in several key cases, including three before U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals. Finally, over the past 12 months, Brady’s local chapter network has grown from 66 to 94 chapters — more than twice our goal!

All this progress tells me just how hungry people are for real, lasting change. Each milestone is more proof that we are at a historic tipping point in the movement to prevent gun violence.