The Brady Report-Spring 2015 | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

The Brady Report-Spring 2015

On December 14, 2014, the bell at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC chimed for a haunting three minutes — one minute for every 10,000 lives lost to gun violence in America last year.

All across the nation, similar vigils were held from dusk until dawn by Brady chapters and gun violence prevention groups to commemorate the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and pay tribute to all who have fallen victim to gun violence.

Brady Campaign President Dan Gross, a featured speaker at the National Cathedral vigil, described the day’s ceremonies as a deeply moving testament to the impact of gun violence, and a clear call-to-action for more responsible gun legislation.

Today, 90% of Americans support background checks on all gun sales, yet Congress still refuses to defy the gun lobby and protect its citizens from gun violence.

Congress is failing us and we deserve better. Which is why the Brady Campaign has taken the fight to the states.

Through the power of our energized Brady chapters and a groundswell of grassroots activism, our strategic state-based campaigns are saving lives!

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the Brady Campaign has helped pass lifesaving legislation in several states: five states have expanded background checks to all gun sales; four states passed new laws to require owners to report lost or stolen firearms; three states strengthened requirements for ammunition sales; four states strengthened restrictions on assault weapons; and five states increased restrictions on large capacity magazines. Currently, our staff, chapters and volunteers are planning winning strategies to push background check legislation in nine more states this year.

In Oregon, for example, new activists are joining our chapter volunteers to educate voters on the lifesaving purpose behind expanded background checks. Together we are spreading the word in town hall meetings and educational forums across the state. And in Nevada, we will take the gun violence prevention issue directly to the voters in November 2016 if the legislature fails to pass background check legislation.

With every new state victory, we see the same result — background checks save lives. That’s why the Brady Campaign won’t stop until we expand background checks to all gun sales, including guns sold online and at gun shows.

As we continue state by state to expand our chapter network, mobilize our supporters, and fight for the laws that protect our children and communities from the devastation of gun violence, we call on your support. Contact your local Brady chapter to find out how you can help, and together we can Finish the Job!

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