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Taking on “bad apple” gun dealers

The vast majority of gun dealers do their part to keep guns out of criminal hands, but a small and dangerous group of “bad apple” gun dealers are responsible for gun crimes that victimize 1,300 Americans each and every day. In fact, 9 out of 10 of these crime guns can be traced to just 5% of gun dealers.

“Bad apple” gun dealers supply guns to criminals by selling them to straw purchasers (people illegally buying guns for others), gun traffickers (people buying guns to illegally resell), and other dangerous people. These bad apples skirt Brady background checks required by law, turn off video surveillance equipment or falsify sales records to cover their tracks. They also willfully ignore telltale signs of illegal gun purchases, such as:

  • A pair of customers where one picks out a gun, but the other fills out the Brady background check paper work.
  • A customer who purchases multiple guns in one visit - in one case as many as 85!
  • A customer that makes frequent purchases in a suspiciously short period of time.

These dangerous and illegal activities supply criminals with the guns ravaging our nation’s schools and communities, taking the lives of police officers, children and innocent bystanders along the way.

For years, the Brady Center has been winning court cases that reform or shut down these bad apple gun dealers.

Now Brady is launching a national Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers campaign that includes filing new to hold irresponsible gun dealers accountable, organizing public protests at “bad apple” gun dealers across the country and demanding that all gun dealers agree to follow to a Code of Conduct. Join Brady by signing the petition to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers and stop the flow of crime guns to our streets.

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