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Taking a bite out of bad apples

Cutting off the flow of guns from ”bad apple” gun dealers to gun traffickers, straw purchasers and other criminals dramatically reduces gun violence in our communities. Communities that have fought back against “bad apple” gun dealers have been able to stem the flow of crime guns to their streets:

  • From 1998-1999, a series of undercover stings and lawsuits against irresponsible gun dealers in Michigan helped reduce the trafficking of guns to criminals in Detroit by 36%
  • In 2006, New York City sued 27 irresponsible gun dealers for supplying guns used in crimes. Follow-up with 10 of the dealers that settled out of court showed an 84% drop in the odds a gun sold in their stores would be recovered at a New York City crime scene.

For years, the Brady Center has filed lawsuits to hold “bad apple” gun dealers accountable for their irresponsible business practices. These lawsuits have stopped gun dealers from selling guns to straw purchasers and traffickers, and sent a clear message to the gun industry: If you irresponsibly sell guns to criminals, you will pay or be shut down.

Now, Brady is launching a national Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers campaign that includes filing new lawsuits to hold irresponsible gun dealers accountable, organizing public protests at ”bad apple gun dealers” across the country and demanding that all gun dealers agreed to follow a Code of Conduct. Join Brady by signing the petition to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers and stop the flow of crime guns to our streets.

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