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Hollow Victory?

In June 2008, the Court held that the Second Amendment provides an "individual right" to possess guns in the home for self-defense. Two years later, in June 2010, the Court, in McDonald v. City of Chicago, extended that ruling nationwide. Yet aside from overturning the handgun bans challenged directly in these two cases, in every major policy area pursued by the gun lobby in the courts, gun lobby lawsuits have met defeat.

'Hollow Victory?' finds that the challenges have been aimed at five major gun policy areas. In response, courts have held that:

- there is no right to carry hidden, loaded firearms in public
- there is no right to military-style assault weapons and assault clips
- felons and domestic abusers have no right to possess firearms
- gun owners may be required to safely store guns in homes
- gun owners may be required to register their guns

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