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Guns for Gangs: Profile of a Rogue Gun Dealer

The nexus between weak firearms laws and the criminal gun market is clear and strong. Gun dealer Frank D’Andrea and his gun lobby allies fought for weak gun laws, which benefited and enabled criminals seeking firearms. Strong gun laws – whether they limit handgun purchases to one per month, require background checks for all gun sales, strengthen law enforcement’s ability to crack down on corrupt gun dealers, or bar military-style assault weapons – do not harm law-abiding gun owners, but are targeted at criminals. D’Andrea’s story epitomizes this nexus.

D’Andrea’s gun store sold hundreds of guns to gangsters and drug traffickers and was cited for hundreds of violations of the law. The store was identified as the second largest source of Connecticut crime guns.

Weak gun laws allowed D’Andrea to stay in business for more than two decades, until he was finally arrested and pled guilty to violating federal gun law.

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