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Death Valley: Profile of a Rogue Gun Dealer

Death Valley profiles rogue gun dealer Valley Gun of Baltimore, Maryland. Owned by NRA Board Member Sandy Abrams, the dealer was one of the leading suppliers of crime guns in America, ranking 37 out of nearly 80,000 gun dealers nationwide in total crime guns traces, before it was shut down 2007. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives  documented over 900 violations of federal law at Valley Gun, including illegal gun sales.

The report exposes how the NRA came to Sandy Abrams' defense, providing him with an attorney to help him continue selling guns and re-electing him to its Board despite his many legal violations. The report also dsicussed NRA-backed federal legislation which would gut ATF's ability to revoke corrupt gun dealers' firearms licenses and allow shops with revoked licenses to continue selling guns through years of legal appeals.

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