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Keep Crime Guns Off our Streets

90% of guns used by criminals can be traced to a handful of unethical dealers. Together, we can stop them!

As long as there are people who are willing to break the rules, there will be others who are willing to help them in order to make a quick buck, no matter who gets hurt in the process. While the vast majority of gun sellers in the U.S. make a good-faith effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, a small number of them see supplying felons and violent abusers as just another way to make a profit.

These “bad apple” gun dealers are few in number, but have a huge and deadly impact. Research shows that 90% of guns used in crimes were supplied by just 5% of dealers. These unethical businesses enable gun-wielding criminals to victimize our communities every day.

Many criminals and other dangerous people can’t pass a Brady background check, but “bad apple” gun dealers look the other way while their customers buy guns for others (straw purchasing) or purchase in bulk to illegally resell (gun trafficking). Some go even further by falsifying sales records, turning off security cameras, and skipping legally-required background checks entirely.

Enough is enough. At the Brady Campaign and Center, we’re determined to hold these unethical gun dealers accountable, change the way they do business, and shut down those who refuse to act responsibly. We organize public protests at “bad apple” dealers around the country, and work to ensure that all gun sellers follow a strict Code of Conduct designed to increase the probability that guns stay out of criminals’ hands. Our legal team also files lawsuits to hold irresponsible gun dealers accountable to victims of gun violence.

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