Lawdragon Recognizes Brady Legal Director Among Top 500 Lawyers in America | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Lawdragon Recognizes Brady Legal Director Among Top 500 Lawyers in America

Jonathan Lowy
Legal Action Project

“Every decade there are more than a million victims of gun violence in America, but only a few take on the gun industry in court. Every case we bring is representative of the thousands that never get to court.”

Those are the words Jonathan Lowy uses to describe the lifesaving work that has led to his recognition as one of Lawdragon’s “500 Leading Lawyers in America” on its 2014-2015 list. This roster is considered the “most elite guide in the legal profession,” according to its editors. The Brady Center is tremendously proud of Jon Lowy and the incredible work he does as Director of Brady’s Legal Action Project – work that helps save countless lives from gun death and injury.

For the last 17 years, Jonathan Lowy has been the preeminent voice for the nation’s only law group fighting in the courts to prevent gun violence. Jon and his team are leading the charge to reform dangerous gun industry practices through lawsuits on behalf of victims of gun violence, helping to defend commonsense gun laws, and challenging corporate gun lobby-backed laws that place Americans at risk for gun violence.

In 26 years of practice, Jon has litigated in over 30 states, and he has established precedent in courts across the country holding irresponsible gun retailers and manufacturers accountable for contributing to gun violence by negligently selling or designing guns; and Jon continues to fight these battles in the courtroom today. Among other victories, Jon helped win a $2.5 million settlement against the gun dealer and manufacturer that supplied the DC-area snipers; forced numerous gun dealers to reform their business practices to stop supplying criminals; and forced others out of business.

Jon’s work, through the Legal Action Project, to reform the gun industry and hold it accountable is a driving force in Brady’s campaign to stop “Bad Apple” Gun Dealers.

Combining the power of citizen action through protests at gun shops and filing new lawsuits in the court, this campaign seeks to hold accountable the small and dangerous group of “bad apple” gun dealers responsible for gun crimes that victimize 1,300 Americans each and every day. Last year, Jon stood with advocates in Chicago who were tired of seeing horrific gun violence tear through their communities because of a gun dealer who irresponsibly supplied a criminal with a gun.

Jon’s further legal contributions include establishing that the Second Amendment allows for reasonable gun laws, and striking down laws that restrict Americans’ rights and their ability to prevent gun violence. His impressive career on the frontlines of the fight to reduce gun death and injuries shows no sign of slowing down. Jon recently launched Lawyers for a Safer America, a national team of lawyers and law firms dedicated to working toward a nation free from gun violence.

Lowy has been previously named one of the nation’s top 500 leading lawyers by Lawdragon magazine. He graduated from Harvard College and the University of Virginia School of Law.

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