Getting out the vote on I-594 in Washington | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Getting out the vote on I-594 in Washington

By Sandy Phillips

The weekend before any election is a critical time to connect with voters, and we’re in Washington to get out the vote for YES ON I-594 to expand background checks on gun sales!

I-594 is the only citizen initiative in this election that’s asking voters to expand background checks. If it passes, Washington will become the seventh state to have background checks on all gun sales. We know this initiative will save lives, but the only way it passes is if we rally our supporters and get them to cast their ballots.

That’s what brings Lonnie and me to Seattle. We have been so inspired by the passionate and hardworking YES ON I-594 volunteers and gun violence prevention advocates. We have covered a lot of ground canvassing neighborhoods throughout Seattle and phone banking to talk with voters throughout the state. As I said, we’re working with a great group: young people, students and senior citizens all joining together to support commonsense solutions to reduce gun violence and create a safer Washington. Folks from across the movement are here too. We have also been able to spend quality time with Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden from Sandy Hook Promise, Richard Martinez and Shannon Watts from Everytown for Gun Safety, as well as Gabby Giffords – all here to add their voices to get I-594 across the finish to victory!

We still have more doors to knock on, more calls to make, and more voters to reach before the election is over. With the additional work of so many supporters making calls from all over the country, we believe the people will make their voices heard on Tuesday night! Let’s GET OUT THE VOTE for a safer nation!