Just a Few More Votes to Stop SJR 14 | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Just a Few More Votes to Stop SJR 14

There are 11 Senators still undecided about how they will vote on SJR 14, and those 11 Senators will be the difference between the bill passing or failing.

We've narrowed this call to these 11 Senators. If one of them is yours, you will be connected directly to them. Otherwise, you will be connected to one of the Senators randomly.

When you are connected with a Senator, simply say "Please vote NO on Senate Joint Resolution 14 when it comes to the floor. Passing this resolution will make it simpler for those who are a danger to themselves or others to obtain a firearm. We must make it more difficult for dangerous people to obtain a gun, not easier. Thank you."

Call a Senator

Tell them to vote NO on S.J. Resolution 14