Brady Law Turns 20;  Background Checks Have Prevented Two Million Gun Sales to Felons and Other Prohibited Persons | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brady Law Turns 20;  Background Checks Have Prevented Two Million Gun Sales to Felons and Other Prohibited Persons

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Brady Organization Launches Campaign to Urge Congress to ‘Finish the Job’

??Washington, DC –This Saturday, Nov. 30th will mark the twentieth anniversary of President Clinton signing the “Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act,” the law that requires gun purchases from licensed gun dealers to go through a background check.   Commonly called the Brady Law, this historic legislation has prevented two million gun sales to domestic abusers, felons, and other dangerous people for whom it is illegal to have guns.  Lives have been saved as a result. 

Despite this success, the law does not apply to the large commercial industry that includes sales online and at gun shows, an estimated 40% of gun sales.In conjunction with Brady law's  20th anniversary, the Brady Campaign has launched a sustained campaign urging Congress to "Finish the Job" and expand Brady background checks to all gun sales.  The “Finish the Job” campaign includes online advertising and a "Finish the Job" petition.  In less than two weeks, more than 300,000 people have watched the ad and 20,000 have signed the petition.

“The Brady law works.  Background checks have blocked two million gun purchases by dangerous people that we all agree should not have guns,” said Dan Gross, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.   “But, the world has changed since the law was passed and today thousands of gun sales go unchecked every day at gun shows and online,” said Gross.   “Now is the time for Congress to finish the job it started when it passed the Brady law.”

Polls show nine in ten Americans support expanding background checks to online and gun show sales, including over 80% of gun owners.

“Twenty years ago it took the will of Congress and unrelenting voice of the American people to get the Brady bill signed into law,” said Sarah Brady, Chair, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  "It took six votes over seven years for us to succeed the first time. This kind of historic change doesn’t happen overnight,” added Mrs. Brady,  “But it will happen -- and we will not give up, and we will not go away until it does.”

“We plan to sustain this campaign for as long as it takes.  One thing is certain, creating historic change will once again take the passionate and relentless voice of the American people.  The Brady Campaign is committed to representing that voice and bringing it to bear to create the safer nation we all want,” stated Gross.

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The mission of the Brady organization is to create a safer America that will lead to the dramatic reduction in gun deaths and injuries.

Dan Gross is the President of the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. 

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