2018 Brady Candidate Endorsement Process | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

2018 Brady Candidate Endorsement Process

Welcome to the 2018 elections and the Brady candidate endorsement process. If you are a candidate (or represent/work for a candidate) for federal office seeking Brady’s consideration for endorsement, please sign up and provide us with the necessary information using the following link below, and we will contact you in follow-up.

Brady’s main focus this election cycle is on federal elections and campaigns, though there will be occasional exceptions to that priority with state and local elections. If you are a candidate for statewide office and are making gun violence prevention a top priority issue, please email us at the Brady Campaign with your statement of why it rises to the level for us to consider for endorsement at: elections@bradymail.org.

As well, if you are associated with an issue campaign that is vying to get placed on the ballot as an initiative related to gun violence prevention at the state level this election cycle, please email us at: elections@bradymail.org.

Thank you for your interest. Check back regularly as we provide updates and additional information as the 2018 election cycle progresses.

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