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Veterans’ Role in Flipping The House

Kyleanne Hunter, Vice President, Programs, Brady Campaign

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

These are the values that I was taught in Officer Candidate School. These are also the values which inspired veterans to run for Congress across the country. As a United States Marine, I proudly served with Americans from every background. It was the ability to understand those who come from a diverse background which has made veterans the leaders in the new Gun Violence Prevention Congress. Veterans will be the leaders in advocating for common sense gun laws.

  • Mikie Sherrill - Navy - who ran and won in New Jersey’s 11th District
  • Chrissy Houlahan - Airforce - who ran and won in Pennsylvania’s 6th District
  • Elaine Luria - Navy - who ran and won in Virginia’s 2nd District
  • Jason Crow - Army - who ran and won in Colorado’s 6th District
  • Bill Pascrell - who ran and won in New Jersey’s 11th District
  • Ruben Gallego - who ran and won in Arizona’s 7th District

These men and women served our country and know and understand that weapons of war are not meant for civilian hands and do not belong in our places of worship, our schools or our movie theatres. They also know what it means to fight and are ready to stand with us in making sure the 116th Congress keeps common sense gun laws on top of their agenda - and we have our work cut out for us.

Together with your help, we can make real, enduring change. Congress needs to limit access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines. With your help, we can do just that and much more! We can continue to put pressure on Congress to expand Brady background checks and close the internet purchasing gap in federal law. We can stop the 5% of gun dealers who violate the law and sell 90% of the guns used in crimes. We can raise awareness about the dangers of unlocked, loaded guns in the homes of 4.6 million children.

We must honor those who are no longer with us - lives lost to gun violence in places of peace. We can and will prevail. But we must prevail together, united by the unyielding spirit in each of us.

Last night is just the beginning. Join us today and stay up to date on the latest news by following Brady on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mikie Sherrill and Bradys Kylanne Hunter at a campaign event