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Urge Your Mayor to Sign On!

We have exciting news! The mayors of America’s three largest cities -- Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago -- have joined the Brady Campaign in calling on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take action against the five percent of ‘bad apple’ gun dealers that are responsible for the ninety percent of crime guns terrorizing our communities.

This letter calls for the investigation, reform, and possible closure of ‘bad apple’ gun dealers, as well as the adoption of an enforceable code of conduct based on the Brady Gun Dealer Code of Conduct.

This is an important step in our Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers campaign, and the voices of many are more impactful than the voices of a few.

That’s why we’re asking you to encourage your mayor to sign on to the letter! You can make this happen by doing the following steps:

  1. Download the letter.
  2. Find your mayor’s contact information.
  3. Compose an email, with the pdf of the letter attached, encouraging your mayor to immediately sign on to the letter. You can find a draft below:

Dear Mayor [Insert name],

I’m writing to you as a concerned citizen of [Insert city]. We have a problem. Five percent of gun dealers in the United States supply 90 percent of all crime guns. The actions of these few ‘bad apple’ gun dealers are devastating our communities. These gun dealers are supplying guns to dangerous people through irresponsible, unethical, and oftentimes illegal means. That’s why I’m urging you to sign on to a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch to immediately take action against these gun dealers. You can find the letter attached. Among others, Mayors Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, Bill de Blasio of New York City, and Rahm Emanuel of Chicago have joined the Brady Campaign in this effort. I hope you consider adding your name to the list.

Thank you,

[Insert your name]

4. Get your mayor to sign on? Email us at brady [at] bradymail [dot] org so we can officially add them on.

We hope you join us in asking your mayor to sign on. With your help we know we can make the practices of these ‘bad apple’ gun dealers a thing of the past!