Suit Brought by Brady Center Results in Historic Victory in Fight Against Gun Violence | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Suit Brought by Brady Center Results in Historic Victory in Fight Against Gun Violence

Jonathan Lowy
Legal Action Project

A “landmark case” with a “powerful message.”  “A first-of-its-kind verdict that was being watched nationwide.” "Could be the biggest blow to the gun industry in years.” That’s what the media said about Tuesday’s $5.7 million dollar verdict against a Milwaukee gun dealer in a lawsuit brought by the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project.

Tuesday’s verdict is another reason to join us (and Tony Bennett and Nancy Pelosi!) on October 28 for a dinner to celebrate Brady’s 25 years of taking on the gun industry in the courts. We brought this case on behalf of two Milwaukee police officers who were almost killed with a gun that should never have made it into the shooter's hands. We know that when gun dealers are held accountable for irresponsible practices, they act more responsibly. And lives are saved.

For five years my team and I worked hundreds of hours, late nights and traveled away from our families. It was a true team effort by our Brady team and an extraordinary trial lawyer, Pat Dunphy, who poured his heart, soul, and amazing talents into this case -- and tried and won it before a jury. If we could capture Pat’s drive and focus America would be a much safer place.

On October 28, we will celebrate Brady’s Legal Action Project’s first quarter century of fighting in the courts to prevent gun deaths and injuries. Our work has helped defend laws, and change law across the country with landmark victories holding gun companies accountable for supplying criminals in Florida, Indiana, Kansas, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, West Virginia -- and more cases are on the way.

There is much to celebrate – and even more work to be done. We cannot do our important work without dedicated lawyers like Pat Dunphy – and we can’t do it without support from friends like you. Gun companies make up a multi-billion dollar industry in America. But there is no anti-gun violence industry. You’re it.

Please join us.