Expanding background checks in Washington State | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Expanding background checks in Washington State

By Zach Stewart

Last week I returned from Seattle where I had the opportunity to meet with a number of folks tackling the issue of gun violence. I participated in a summit with other GVP activists and experts to talk about the issue and what can be done. It’s always exciting to see new people involved, asking questions, and showing a clear desire to make change.

Washington State has a major opportunity this November to pass Initiative 594. 594 expands background checks to cover those sales at gun shows and online that currently do not have background checks. As we know, when bad guys can get guns through these means, tragedies ensue. In states with expanded background checks, 38% fewer women are murdered and 39% fewer law enforcement officers are killed. Background checks work.

In the months ahead as the campaign for expanded checks goes into full speed, we’re encouraging everyone to get involved: especially if you live in or near Washington state! The latest polls say we’re in good shape, but we have to keep our foot on the gas. Contact our Seattle Brady Campaign Chapter about getting involved or contact the campaign directly. This initiative will save lives. We’ve seen it work in other states and we know that when dangerous people get their hands on guns, bad things happen.