Another horrific shooting, more shrugged shoulders | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Another horrific shooting, more shrugged shoulders

By Zach Stewart

Every day, we bear witness to another tragic shooting. Whether it’s the massacre that took the lives of students in Isla Vista, California; the rampage in Las Vegas that left two police officers dead; or the recent gun violence in Chicago that resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl, hit by a stray bullet while attending a friend’s sleepover – these all leave us wondering: when will it end?

Perhaps you’re feeling helpless; thinking, like many people, there really is nothing you can do to help solve the problem.

Do you really believe this?

The easy thing to do is to take to social media and talk with your like-minded friends who are also frustrated. But that’s not all you should do. There’s more to do. You need to stand up and demand change from your elected officials. The catch here: you actually have to do it!

Call them right now and tell them to expand background checks to cover the 40% of gun sales that go unchecked - those transactions where somebody plops down cash, and walks away with a dangerous weapon. No questions asked. Tell them Brady background checks work and actually save lives. Tell them background checks stopped 2.1 million prohibited purchases over the last 20 years, preventing rapists, murderers, and gangsters from getting guns.

Tell them all of this, but you have to actually tell them. And you have to tell them more than once. Maybe there was a recent shooting that inspired you to make the phone call or send the letter. But two weeks after that, you need to make the call again. You need to remind them why it’s so important to support legislation to expand background checks to online and gun show sales.

If a 1-minute phone call every two weeks could prevent the loss of a single life, would you do it? How many calls would you make to save your family? How much pressure would you apply to expand a law that will save lives?

Don’t shrug your shoulders. You have the power to demand change.