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5 Things Scarier than Halloween

Jaime Bellemare, Digital Strategist
1 in 5 guns are sold without a background check - Need we say more

1 in 5 Guns Sold Without a Background Check

Without legislation to expand background checks, 1 in 5 guns are sold without knowing if the purchaser is prohibited.

Online gun sales - These Craigslist equivalents are more than a bit spooky

Online Gun Sales

There are entire websites dedicated to using a craigslist model to sell guns, no questions asked… and it’s completely legal.

3D printed ghost guns -  nothing is scarier than a DIY gun

3D Printed & Ghost Guns

People have enough trouble with Ikea furniture. Untraceable, build-at-home guns? It’s a recipe for disaster.

Arming Teachers - Can you imagine YOUR teachers with guns

Arming Teachers

Really. Imagine your first grade teacher or your high school PE teacher packing heat… absolutely terrifying.

Lack of consequences for gun dealers violating the law - ATF docs show numerous violations and no ramifications

Lack of Consequences for Gun Dealers Violating the Law

Brady’s legal team filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to obtain thousands of pages of gun dealer inspection reports showing gross violations. The most common disciplinary action? Nothing!

because there are too many horrors to just have 5

4.6 Million kids live in homes with unlocked and loaded guns - a nightmare that is all too real

4.6 Million Kids Live in Homes with Unlocked and Loaded Guns

A scary reality. Every day 8 kids are killed or injured by unintentional shootings because of an unsecured gun in the home. Learn more at endfamilyfire.org

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