• Is Your Member of Congress a Lap Dog?

    Brady's Lap Dog Congressional Scorecard ranks the top recipients of gun lobby money. Members of the 114th congress have taken more than $30 million in donations to protect the rights of dangerous people to buy guns.

  • While You Were Out

    4,500 Americans died from gun violence while Congress was on summer vacation. Now that they're finally back at work, Congress must make gun violence prevention a priority.

  • The Brady Center Bear Awards

    November 15, 2016 at 6:30pm | Cipriani 25, NYC

    Honoring Katie Couric & Jess Cagle

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  • On Monday, May 16, 2016, more than 2,200 Brady supporters flooded Senator Chuck Schumer’s office with calls asking him to keep his promise to introduce a universal background check bill. Within hours Sen. Schumer, a long-time gun safety advocate and sponsor of the original Brady Bill, announced he would introduce Brady Bill 2.0 – a bill to expand background checks to every gun sale in America. Here’s a timeline of how Brady achieved this incredible progress.

  • It’s really not possible to overstate the importance of this victory in Washington State. Voters in the Evergreen State overwhelmingly passed Initiative 594 to expand background checks to all gun sales, including online and at gun shows. With a decisive 60 percent of voters supporting I-594, it turns out that it’s a lot harder for the corporate gun lobby to bully voters than it is to bully politicians.

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. is spending big in the North Carolina Senate race. --> https://t.co/tw0nT2TEdu
Police are investigating three incidents involving guns at an East Texas Junior college --> https://t.co/ywvbTtcJwu
Celebrating 5 more of our Congressional Champs, working to end even in the face of https://t.co/f1V1RvlfoI
Charlotte remains in a state of emergency after police shooting. Another man shot in Wed. protests has since died -> https://t.co/nr5KgBg9kT
Chicago Mayor joined Brady's campaign against 'bad apple' gun dealers in his address last night… https://t.co/SYUWKm0we0
RT : The is finally here... this Sunday! With over 350 events around the country, find one near yo… https://t.co/vmM74owbVy
RT : Check out https://t.co/eMyAjGEKnf by to find out if your rep in Congress is a Lap Dog for the gun lobby? https://t.co/kRejNTNO0D
. delivered a speech tonight addressing the level of in Chicago. Read it here --> https://t.co/H53646x0If
RT : Young people in cities hit hardest by police violence share how it affects their lives. (via ) https://t.co/Uwkn9dkDp6
Tulsa officer has been charged w/ manslaughter in the shooting of https://t.co/eioaGGWCpm

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