A terrible tragedy that should have been avoided. Please #ASK if there is an unlocked gun where your child plays. http://t.co/K7xL8jwa4O
Retired SCOTUS Justice Stevens agrees we need Congress to #FinishTheJob on background checks for ALL gun sales! http://t.co/pNjvRXEF3o
RT @_VRGL: First day of summer, June 21 is #NationalASKDay by @CPYVorg. Ask friends, neighbors, other parents - "Is there a gun where my...
The suspect in the Kansas City shootings likely acquired his guns through a straw buyer. http://t.co/XWV87H5X2L
Why won't these members of Congress support CDC funding for gun violence research?? http://t.co/sHwcrSsAHs
A great op-ed about how we need a multifaceted approach to reducing gun deaths. #FinishTheJob via @DispatchAlerts http://t.co/v7D0nbkiNP
The media largely ignores the amount of gun violence that occurs in the US, yet that shouldn't make it acceptable. http://t.co/iXcfi7glxw
The presence of a gun makes it five times more likely domestic violence will turn into murder. Congress #FinishTheJob http://t.co/3k1IQgbsgu
Really sad piece on how we're become almost numb and defeated when it comes to prevening mass shootings. http://t.co/BoaZxP7ju9
Today our thoughts are with everyone in CO and beyond as we mark the 15th Anniversary of the Columbine massacre. http://t.co/qSKM4c4ITq

Take Action

Now is the time! Now it’s up to us!  We are at a critical time in the movement to prevent gun violence across the country.  The only way we will pass meaningful legislation at the federal level is if we are making our voices heard. 

Below are a few important ways you can make your voice heard today.