WOW! 26 arrested after straw purchase investigation in Oregon!
Sobering read--Here's why the suspected Texas shooter's domestic-violence history didn't stop him from owning guns:
A terrible story out of North Carolina where a domestic dispute involving a child turned deadly.
How to describe Kansas' Second Amendment Protection Act? Silly, stupid, unconstitutional.
Read our statement on last night's shooting in Texas and this past weekend's shootings in Chicago here:
More details are beginning to emerge in last night's horrific shooting in Texas.
Last night's tragedy in Texas shows us yet again that we need to do more to protect women and children.
Not only is Kansas' Second Amendment Protection Act unconstitutional, it is downright dangerous!
4 children are among the 6 dead after tonight’s tragic shooting in Texas. Our thoughts are with the victims’ families
BREAKING NEWS out of Texas where seven people have been shot, five fatally. Our thoughts are with the victims.