Florida, your antics really aren't funny anymore. http://t.co/B6gZGpVoa8
Great editorial on the importance of Washingtonians voting to expand background checks to ALL gun sales this Nov.! http://t.co/ssw7m2A0lD
RT @NBCNightlyNews: LATEST: 2 U.S. Marshals, 1 NYPD officer shot in Manhattan; suspect dead http://t.co/WPDjCM5eRF @NBCNewYork...
Terrible tragedy out of South Carolina, where a child died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. http://t.co/W6kKSCE6SL #ASKingSavesKids
READ our statement on the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals "Docs. vs. Glocks" ruling this weekend. http://t.co/7yty3XBZTp
Another tragic and deadly weekend in Chicago, where yet again a child was caught in the crossfire. http://t.co/kndEWRFFRZ
Great article on the 12 important questions every parent should ask before their child's play date! #ASKingSavesKids http://t.co/g6hIaA27DD
Interesting look from an outside perspective on the relationship between children and guns in the US. http://t.co/6wzvGKwVX8
New details show the Boston Marathon bomber got his gun through a private transfer from a heroin dealer. http://t.co/CAt4jGq967
BREAKING NEWS in Pennsylvania where there are reports of a shooting at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. http://t.co/jHvrtvCKKh

Brady’s Legal Action Project utilizes the courts to reduce gun violence.  Its work includes:

Representing victims. We seek justice in the courts for victims of gun violence, bringing civil liability cases against irresponsible gun sellers and owners. LAP attorneys have won millions of dollars in damages for gun violence victims, as well as forcing changes in how gun companies do business.

Defending gun laws. We defend gun laws under attack in the courts in order to ensure that hard-fought legislative victories, at the local, state, or federal level, are preserved in the courts. We represent governments or appear as amicus curiae defending gun laws.

Fighting harmful policies. We bring legal actions challenging laws and regulations that worsen the problem of gun violence and hinder gun violence prevention efforts.  For example, we won an important victory for doctors, patients, and the First Amendment when we brought suit and won an injunction against an unprecedented law in Florida that would restrict health care providers, including pediatricians, from warning patients about the risks posed by firearms in the home or offering advice on gun safety.

Educating the public and decision-makers. We engage in public education activities on legal and policy issues related to gun violence, including issuing reports that inform the public, media, and lawmakers of gun issues.