We stand with young Americans to #Fight4The33 and demand action by Congress to implement common sense gun policies. http://t.co/apxI8wtWTT
If trends continue, gun deaths among Millennials are projected to outnumber car accident deaths nxt yr. #Fight4The33 http://t.co/hXK62dMNLR
Gun violence is a public health issue and doctors should treat it that way! http://t.co/EGpdLuPWT6
Sources say the perpetrator in yesterday's shooting got his gun through a straw purchase WITHOUT a background check. http://t.co/SE8cX8e2jO
A powerful op-ed on how when it comes to school rampages, the weapon matters. http://t.co/OjadT1vmfM
Cast your @TheWebbyAwards vote for Voices Against Violence here!: http://t.co/ctZxk418jF
Ready the Brady Campaign's response to yesterday's shootings in Kansas City. http://t.co/tB8vYHAceM
In Arizona you can kill someone because you were scared and get away with it. Stand Your Ground laws are awful http://t.co/9jaTuIBEkX
15 years after Columbine watch one father's story & sign the petition to urge Congress to #FinishTheJob! http://t.co/Z2t7CpMdIs
88 people die EVERY day from gun related injuries, yet some don't want to believe they are a public health issue. http://t.co/t9tUpLU9o5

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