Sen @robportman voted AGAINST the will of 90% of Americans a year ago today. CALL and tell him you haven't forgotten!
A year ago TODAY @SenDeanHeller voted NO on background checks. This #SHAMEaversary CALL and say you haven't forgotten
A year ago 46 Senators voted AGAINST background checks. Mark their #SHAMEaversary by calling the following offices!
Great piece illustrating the hypocrisy of US gun laws. #FinishTheJob
We are excited by @MikeBloomberg's announcement today and applaud him for his ongoing efforts to end gun violence!
A far cry from lapel pins and bumper stickers... RT @motherjones: The hottest campaign gimmick of 2014: free guns!
Our thoughts are with all in the #VT community as we mark 7 years since the deadliest school shooting in US history.
We stand with young Americans to #Fight4The33 and demand action by Congress to implement common sense gun policies.
If trends continue, gun deaths among Millennials are projected to outnumber car accident deaths nxt yr. #Fight4The33
Gun violence is a public health issue and doctors should treat it that way!

Texting Tony: Campaign organized by Bennett's, Brady Campaign to halt gun violence


CNN Piers Morgan Live

April 12th, 2013

As gun control and firearm legislation remains a hotly debated national issue, "Piers Morgan Live" invited world-renowned singer Tony Bennett to share his position on the topic:

"Well, I just think assault weapons should be absolutely outlawed. None of this fierce - you know, no imitating the films that you see where there's all this kind of strong violence to try to hold an audience, you know," the 17-time Grammy winner told Piers Morgan. "Life's much more important than that."

Watch the interview to learn more about the text messaging campaign that he and his son – in conjunction with the Brady Campaign – have developed to help prevent future gun violence.

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