We think the new law allowing Georgians to carry guns in bars in the name of safety is downright preposterous. http://t.co/NuSxmUjWh1
Read about our rally yesterday in Colorado encouraging Congress to #FinishTheJob! http://t.co/IxO4qTe6wS
Great rally in Denver with our advocates encouraging elected officials to #FinishTheJob! http://t.co/0I6jNm5aaL
A victory today as a pawnshop that sold the gun used ins cop killing agrees to report more on sales. http://t.co/5tEk4Kuj1w
This bill, which is about to be signed into law in Georgia today is troubling on so many levels. http://t.co/KVnnMkZc7t
A terrible tragedy that should have been avoided. Please #ASK if there is an unlocked gun where your child plays. http://t.co/K7xL8jwa4O
Retired SCOTUS Justice Stevens agrees we need Congress to #FinishTheJob on background checks for ALL gun sales! http://t.co/pNjvRXEF3o
RT @_VRGL: First day of summer, June 21 is #NationalASKDay by @CPYVorg. Ask friends, neighbors, other parents - "Is there a gun where my...
The suspect in the Kansas City shootings likely acquired his guns through a straw buyer. http://t.co/XWV87H5X2L
Why won't these members of Congress support CDC funding for gun violence research?? http://t.co/sHwcrSsAHs

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