Today our thoughts are with everyone in CO and beyond as we mark the 15th Anniversary of the Columbine massacre.
This looks like a powerful play about the impacts of gun violence. Have any of you seen it? #thelibrary
ICYMI: This was our most retweeted twee last week. What do you think?
Absolutely tragic. Unlocked guns should NOT be in the reach of children.
Guns should NOT be a worry kindergartners have and it is heartbreaking that it is for some.
So many of you have called, clicked, and shared! LET'S KEEP IT UP AND LET THESE SENATORS KNOW WE AREN'T GOING AWAY!
Sen. @marcorubio voted NO on background checks a year ago. Mark his #SHAMEaversary by calling him NOW and ask why!
Sen @robportman voted AGAINST the will of 90% of Americans a year ago today. CALL and tell him you haven't forgotten!
A year ago TODAY @SenDeanHeller voted NO on background checks. This #SHAMEaversary CALL and say you haven't forgotten

About Brady

The Brady Campaign works to create a safer America for all of us by leading on policy and programs that aim to dramatically reduce the number of gun deaths and injuries.

The Voice of the American Public

We believe the passionate and sustained voice of the American public is essential to creating meaningful change in these areas.  Our goal is to bring that voice to bear in order to make this the better, safer nation we all want and deserve.

A Comprehensive Approach

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence believes in a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence in our nation, including:

  1.  policy to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people, 

  2. legal action within the courts to reform dangerous gun industry practices, defend sensible gun laws and challenge laws that contribute to gun violence, and

  3. public health and safety programs to inspire safer attitudes and behaviors around the 300 million guns in our homes and communities.

The Role of Policy

The Brady Campaign supports a policy platform that addresses the problem of gun violence and is driven by the opportunity to save the most lives. Every death is a tragedy, whether in a mass shooting that horrifies our entire nation, or one of the 32 gun murders or 90 gun deaths in our communities and homes every day. We applaud the Obama Administration, members of Congress, and others at the federal and state level who are leading a policy conversation based on our common goals and values, avoiding the usual, divisive political debate. Policies such as “universal background checks” on all gun sales would keep guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill and other illegal purchasers without impacting anyone else’s Second Amendment right to own guns. Background checks are supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans, including gun owners, and they make us all safer.

The Legal Action Project

The Brady Center's Legal Action Project utilizes the courts as part of Brady's holistic approach to reducing the most number of gun deaths possible in this country. The only law group in the country that takes on the gun lobby and gun industry in the courts, the Legal Action Project defends sensible gun laws that are proven to reduce gun violence.  We also fight laws that make our country less safe and contribute to greater gun violence in our communities. For example, we successfully sued to stop a law in Florida that would restrict health care providers, including pediatricians, from warning patients about the risks posed by firearms in the home or offering advice on gun safety. We also work to reform dangerous gun industry practices that cause gun deaths by bringing lawsuits on behalf of victims to hold irresponsible gun dealers and manufacturers accountable in the courts. In 2013, we won landmark victories against the corporate gun lobby across the country, including in Alaska, Colorado, Kansas, and New York, helping to make this the better, safer nation we all want and deserve. 

The Role of Public Health and Safety Programs

As Americans, we must address how we think about guns in our communities and in our homes. Public education campaigns are critical to inspiring law-abiding individuals to make safer choices around gun ownership and access. Brady’s “ASK” and “Suicide Proof Your Home” campaigns are evidence that we can have a significant, quantifiable impact on public attitudes and behaviors by educating the public about the relative risks and benefits of gun ownership in an honest and credible way. Other public health and safety issues, such as drinking and driving, and smoking, also show how public health and safety campaigns and insights have had a significant impact on positively changing social norms around dangerous and risky behavior. One key opportunity is in the area of mental health, educating clinicians and parents or spouses of individuals with specific mental illnesses about the dangers associated with access to guns in the home.