Tragedies like this are why we need background checks on ALL gun sales to keep women and kids safe! #ProtectAllWomen
#ProtectAllWomen RT @MotherJones: Yet Another Man With a Gun Just Murdered His Wife and Children
Sheriff Schmaling urges the Committee to expand background checks on ALL gun sales. #ProtectAllWomen #FinishTheJob
RT @sfclem: "I am a law enforcement officer & a conservative Republican, and I am here to ask you to pass these pieces of legislation." #Pr
RT @julia_drost: Boyfriends or ex-boyfriends now commit more #violenceagainstwomen than husbands. But law doesn't cover this. #protectallwo
In states with background checks on ALL gun sales, 38% fewer women are killed by domestic abusers. #ProtectAllWomen #FinishTheJob
“Please let her story be told. Please don’t let her death be for nothing.” Powerful testimony on domestic violence #ProtectAllWomen
“Zina’s story shows the need for universal background checks.” #ProtectAllWomen #FinishTheJob
RT @CSGV: The terrible story of survivor Elvin Daniel, survivor speaking at today's @SenateJudiciary hearing. #prote
RT @JewishWomenIntl: Someone could be considered to dangerous to own a home or car, or see their children but still be allowed to possess a…
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U.S. Senate Hearing Tackles Domestic Gun Violence

Today the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on legislation to extend protections for victims of domestic gun violence is an important step in efforts to protect women from domestic violence. The legislation would close dangerous loopholes in current federal law and prevent convicted stalkers as well as domestic abusers under temporary restraining orders from purchasing firearms.