In America, when one out of three homes with children has a gun we cannot stress the importance of ASKing enough!
Florida's ruling to prevent doctors from asking about guns in the home is a HUGE step backwards for public safety!
“This is common sense legislation.” YES IT IS! #ProtectAllWomen
RT @CSGV: Dr. Joyce Malcolm now speaking. She teaches at @georgemasonlaw, which receives a $1 million endowment from #NRA. #protectallwomen
RT @sfclem: Joyce Malcolm, who's paid $1M by the @NRA, just implied that women pretend to be frightened to deny men firearms. #misogyny #Pr
RT @agerney: These gun owners oppose NRA efforts to allow stalkers & abusers to keep their guns via @MotherJones #pr
“As a gun owner I don’t want a gun to get in the hands of a criminal or abuser because it makes the rest of us look bad.” #ProtectAllWomen
RT @CSGV: Justice McCaffery now apparently arguing we shouldn't intervene & disarm domestic abusers b/c our jails are too full. #protectall
RT @nnedv: Uniform national standard would help to reduce abusers' access to gun - Senator @SenBlumenthal #protectallwomen
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U.S. Senate Hearing Tackles Domestic Gun Violence

Today the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on legislation to extend protections for victims of domestic gun violence is an important step in efforts to protect women from domestic violence. The legislation would close dangerous loopholes in current federal law and prevent convicted stalkers as well as domestic abusers under temporary restraining orders from purchasing firearms.